Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Dream Tapestry

severed leaves expose the vastness of their glory
ancient bark and sightless branches sturdy in repose
the steady rainfall.... grey and beholding
rivers quenched, soil watered, souls renewed
staring out between the high grass are eyes
wilderness nomads carving lines in the dirt
gathered from infinite pasts to roam
discarding the shackles of their ancestors
free to wander where there are no paths, no maps, no destinations
shivering under cloaks, wide eyed and hungry
the grass is bent under their slow movement
clutching flowers to remind them of their journeys

indian jewels adorn their necks
african sandals, peruvian blankets,
lost hair and restless spirits
huddling together under the spread of stars-
singing and watching their breath escape
these are the free
unhindered by love
sorrowful in their memories, yet hopeful in their dreams.

onward, they create paths that we cannot follow.

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