Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A Mistral

heaven has shed its veil
in clusters
like a drifting sea her space is guarded
by angelic shadows & rumour

dawn draws forth a sequined vapour
deep in resonance
cut from diamonds in extinct zephyr
loose - empty - brittle

dawn takes her place
in rusted halo's & copper hems
flutes announce the infinite loss
a legion of saints cast aside in rags
crowned in splendor moments before

a sun is birthed with chosen words
a light to illuminate this plunder
the dimming night
so silently retreats
folding through in ashes, blood and ink

we near the end
the ghost is frail
halcyon lullabies stir ether to wake
and to once again redeem the skies


  1. You wrote this?

    The rhythm & words seem familiar to me - like I'm reading a poem I've always known.

  2. \Hehe.. thats bizarre! I only wrote it 2 days ago.